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  1. Hey guys im going to start learning c++ since I learned Python, im still doing pygame but I want to start a bit on c++ super basic stuff. anyone have any ideas for good tutorials/books?
  2. import java.until.*;
    public class Empire
    public static void main (String [] args)

    [tab] for (int i=5, i<=10, i++)
    [tab][tab] System.out.println("Hi");
    // I may have made a typo, Java for the win!
    //I'd check youtube, it is the source of all knowledge!
    //It won't save my tabs/spaces.
  3. I'd recommend that you find a tutorial which teaches you both c and c++. They're both very similar, but if you have a good knowledge of them both, you'll probably be able to write better code.

    However, I'm going to recommend that you learn something like Java before jumping into c/c++, especially if you are going to learn c. With Java you won't have to worry about memory management and all that and it will teach you syntax similar to that of c/c++.
  4. I would recommend this Youtube series. One of the things that I really wanted to learn was how to make a game from scratch in c++. He starts with the very basics of basics and works up to more advanced things. It also looks like he is quick to help out people who post questions in the comments.