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  1. When I first joined EMC I was excited by everything. The server was a brand new place. Now however I have slowly begun to realized that I no longer have a place here. I've grown bored of the server and Minecraft in general. I feel that a ton of things have changed and that I'm honestly not that interested in the server anymore. I have had some good times here and I hope the community keeps growing. I still might participate in Forum discussion and maybe help promote server a bit and possibly I might come back at some point.
  2. goodbye threads aren't allowed so this will be closed here in a few minutes

    i have to say though that Minecraft definitely isn't boring and EMC is a huge part of that so I hope you change your mind later and come back. join SMP8 because SMP8 is awesome!
  3. Sorry but in the past I have seen a lot of people say "I'm leaving/bye" threads without it being closed or a mod/admin stepping in. I didn't know it was against the rules.
  4. it's all good, I don't think it's a bannable offense or anything. was i able to persuade you to join smp8? we can try and find a res near mine and we can be BFF minecraft buddies :)
  5. We are allowing goodbye threads for the moment, due to recent events. We just ask that they are kept to goodbyes, and not incite any drama.

    Thank you.