Buyinh 130+ speed horses

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  1. Buying 130+ speed horses!

    Reply on here or let me know on smp9.
  2. Still looking for 130+ speed horses!
  3. having trouble?
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  4. Yes heaps! I've been looking for weeks and the best I've got is a noob trying to sell me a 94 speed horse for 10k because they thought it was a 130! :eek:
  5. I'm most like incorrect but I think it isn't possible find a horse higher than 130 speed. The promo horse Saltar (I think, I can never remember) is the only horse I've seen at 130 speed.

    I heard horses can be glitched with speed potions but those horses have been banned from Emc and will disappear once it is spawned.
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  6. Incitatus, and yes the highest I've ever seen is 139% speed :p (A few people own 139 horses)