1. hello there everyone i am asking you guys who can make me an autosmelter?
  2. Brickstrike and wisepsn can, they make really good ones.
  3. okay thanks i ll cont(r?)act them
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  4. I can make you one if you still need.
  5. thanks i ll wait a day for one of the two mentioned above then i ll see
  6. What's an auto smelter?
  7. Honestly its really easy to build view this video for help Its the super of supersmelters

    The tutorial/talking of the super smelter starts at 8:40ish. This one can go for as long as you want or as short as you want so no worying about that. Just becareful when building it do not make mistakes if u do ur rails will go in one hopper and then go into the furnace which is really annoying :p

    Edit: Also next time you might want to make the title of your thread more detailed because when I saw [buying] I was like HUH!? Should have been something like this: [Buying] - Super autosmelter