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  1. For my upcoming project im looking for some material:

    - Endstone
    - Smooth Stone
    - Gold

    I'm buying big amounts and I'm willing to pay decent prizes. Answer this post with amount and stack/piece prize or pm me.
  2. I can get any amount of end stone just name your price per stack...(I'm on smp5 so please take into consideration I have to pay 20r to vault)
  3. I can probably get you some smooth stone
  4. How much gold and how much for each piece?? I will search if you name a price
  5. Ok I'll get you some tomorrow!
  6. I have a dc of gold ingots and smooth stone, and a single chest of end stone if you are interested - PM me:)
  7. I only sell budder, not gold sorry ;)
  8. Anything you have not bought already, come to /v 405 on SMP1.

    If anyone is trying to sell extra items, you can sell them there too.