1. So I am trying to build my dream armor, weapons, tools, and base and I only need a few more enchantments to achieve that goal! So I am buying:
    1x diamond sword with looting III
    1x diamond sword with sharpness IV
    1x diamond shovel and axe with efficiency IV
    1x diamond shoes with fire protection III

    Offer me a price and we can negotiate.
    THESE CAN BE ANY DURABILITY (Even near breaking)

    When I combine all of these items in a anvil, I would have
    Prot IV Resp III Aqua Affinity I Diamond Helmet
    Projectile Prot. IV Diamond Chestplate
    Prot IV Diamond Pants
    Fire prot IV Feather Falling IV Diamond boots
    Sharpness V Knockback II Fire II Looting III diamond Sword
    Efficieny V Unbreaking III Fortune III Diamond Pickaxe
    Unbreaking III Silk Touch I Diamond Pickaxe
    Unbreaking III Eff V Fortune III Diamond Shovel
    Unbreaking III Eff V Silk Touch I Diamond Axe

    Please Help me get my dream armor/tool set! :D
  2. Thanks to Zabriel I got all the items... This is closed
  3. Thanks to Zabriel I now have my tools