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  1. I have tried and tried to get a Looting three diamond sword. I can never seem to get it. So I am turning towards my rupees reserve to get one. I am asking for ONE Looting 3 diamond sword.-It can also have other enchantments on it....I don't care.
    What I want you to do is this:
    Enchantment:(Must have Looting three, can also have other enchantments)
    What you are asking for it:
    If you can do these I may buy it from you depending on your price.
    Also don't post anything if you don't want to sell a Looting 3 sword please!
  2. And I failed.....I accidently forgot to put Looting 3 in the title.....sorry.
  3. Supply me with an enchanting table, a diamond sword and 1k rupees I'll enchant a level 50 for you? :p
  4. Naw, I have tons of xp, I just can't seem to get Looting 3 at level 50....I got 50 twice, but no Looting 3...
  5. sharpness 3 knockback 2 looting 3 10k
  6. Sorry, can't go that high..