1. Hey fellow minecraft friends! i am currently buying these items at these prices and their may be more of these threads in the future as i am having a huge restock on my shop :)
    Glowstone: 20r per 1
    TNT: 25r per 1
    Redstone Dust: 100r per stack
    Lapiz Lazuli: 150r per stack
    Flint: 60r per stack
    Iron and Gold ingots: 6r each
  2. How many stacks of redstone u need??
  3. 16 please :D
  4. Yeah I'll see what I can do...Ill pm you when I'm done gathering+all those iron kits :D
  5. oh yer the kits :D thx, plz get it b4 august 1st?
  6. Yeah I'll try almost done!
  7. awesome, thx