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  1. Hello,

    im buying a grinder :) SMP1 would be cool but doesn't matter... EXCEPT utopia, NO utopia...
    i'm paying to 15k, so... make a good one, or a double :) Blaze could be good to.
  2. Sorry forget title...
  3. Leave it with me, I think I can get you one. :)
  4. Double? Blaze? Zombie? Skeleton? SMP, INFO!?
  5. It will be a zombie or skeleton and I'll try get it on smp1.
  6. Why not utopia? Its the highest chance it WONT be griefed.
  7. Wrong
    Go out 200,000,000 blocks on the SMP1 server and the chances for that you will be grifed are equal to 0,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 :)
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  8. I've got you a skeleton spawner. I won't say any more but I will convert it into a water elevator drop grinder for you for 15k :)
  9. How do you find these so fast lol!?!?
  10. I've got a kind of database of em :p
    I used to explore mines, caves ect alot and whenever I found a spawner I wrote down the coords. I never really thought to sell them :p
  11. So you aren't actually wandering around and coming across them... You've got a database!
  12. yup, pretty much :p
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  13. Deal, daffy i'll pay u if i come online on Minecraft.
  14. Probably because if he stops supporting he won't be able to use the grinder :)
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  15. He's dah right guy.
  16. I'm done. Are you on now? I can show you where it is if you are :)
  17. i got a double spider
  18. Actually I got to go offline for a bit so I will pm you the coords/info and I will trust that you pay me. :)