[BUYING] Zombie or Skeleton Spawner

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  1. I am looking to buy an unused zombie or skeleton spawner, preferably on SMP1. I'm hoping to pay around 4000r for it. The chests can be empty, but I would like the mossy cobble to still be there. If you have spawner you can sell me, PM me with details. Thank you.
  2. I only have enough money for one spawner, and I see you already have offers from people to buy both of them.
  3. Yeah, I will PM you about another grinder, ok?
  4. Ok.
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  5. I got a zombie one i dont use. Interested?
  6. I have a skeleton and a zombie that I would like to sell but they are not close enough to be a double you can choose wich one you want.
  7. He already bought from me, so it is not needed to reply anymore.
  8. I've already made a deal with marknaaijer. He offered to sell me one of his spawners for 4000.
    Edit: I didn't see the other responses before I posted this.
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  9. This is not an auction.