[Buying] Zombie Heads

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  1. 2013-12-15_20.50.31.png

    On Smp9
    Buying Zombie Heads for 90r

    The Reason:
    I am covering the entire top of my Iron Pyramid with zombie heads

  2. The zombie apocalypse is here. Wait, why are they all running? Oh, it's just Dwight running around, foaming at the mouth, smacking them all with shovels. No worries. Movin' along, here. :)
  3. Im in that picture :p (the 1 in the middle with full diamond enchanted armour :p)
  4. Front side is almost done! :D
  5. I got about 30 or so heads I'll be happy to sell them to you :)
  6. I now have 382 zombie heads if you would be interested
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  7. Thought you should know, there is a random place without a head on it at -60, -24. :p
  8. Bump rump
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  9. Have you calculated the total # you will need? lol
  10. Should be 3600 or something like that. What is it, 3588?
  11. hmm did the math... around 2218 head to go so still around 200k rupees to take from me.
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  12. You should just go on an extremely long hunting trip. :p
  13. That would take awhile....

    Anyways I need more zombie heads. I'm tired of having my rupees just sitting being bums.
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  14. video bump
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  15. Right of the Pyramid is done and some of the left by large donation from Deathtomb but still alot of rupees to be made. Another Pyramid is wanting heads too. At 18006, Deathtomb want skeleton heads for his gold pyramid.
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  16. 4/5th the way done \omo/
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