[BUYING] YouTube Intro

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  1. I will be paying in promos/rares of your choice. We can discuss payment in PM. The intro needs to be made in After Effects CC or Cinema 4D. I prefer After Effects but if you can make a sick C4D one that's cool too.

    -Must be 1080p 60fps rendered.
    -The channel name is iCrushDreams
    -Try not to depict any specific games, the intro will likely be used for a variety of different games.
    -Keep it ~7 seconds. 6-11 is fine. This one isn't really a requirement but a nice guideline. I don't really mind how long it is just so that it's not a ball rolling around my name for 30 seconds :p

    PM me if you're interested in this offer, I will pay well for a sick intro.
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