[Buying] XP Grinders

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  1. Hello, I'm looking to buy some XP grinders, preferably on any server but smp4, smp8, and utopia. Looking for doubles or triple + grinders, no spiders. I'm also willing to buy blaze grinders in the nether, single or double.

    Please Let me know what your price is.
  2. Endermen?
  3. As longaas it's not a public / shared one, then yes
  4. I do believe that the rules state, all players have access to all spawners/grinders, as you cannot 'own' the spawner itself. But players may not alter anything built by another player.

    Hence, you can never truly have a 'private' grinder, but you can ask a player to leave whenever you want to use it, or simply whenever you want them to leave for any reason. In that respect, it is semi-private.
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  5. How it works is that you pay someone for the coordinates, and they agree not to use it anymore...
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  6. Right. I understand that. I was just clarifying that you cannot guarantee it's 'private', because you cannot completely own a spawner. Only the blocks built around it. But you seem well aware of how it works. :) so i'll just shut up lol
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  7. Well, I know of a public SMP3 Pig Zombie farm, which is heavily maintenanced and protected by me. :)
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  8. Donde esta el pig zombie farm :p
  9. :)

    Get on SMP3 ;)