Buying XP farm / Spawners

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  1. Hey

    So,I wanted to check weather somebody wanted to sell the coords of an XP farm or the coords of a place where more then 1 spawner are close together.

    I am unsure what the rules say on this specifically , but I have not found anything which points to that its illegal to sell coords, Only to auction coords :)


    And yes,I am willing to pay alot for them :)

    Thank you
  2. if your looking to buy a spawner.... i found a blaze spawner... its untouched... how much you willing to pay?
  3. At this time we ask that people don't sell coordinates in the forums or auctions.
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  4. Adding to the cow, it's idiot to sell coordinates, maybe there is something there, maybe there is not, maybe there was there but the buyer griefed it and reported to moderators as "sccaming", maybe epeople don't like the spawner, don't like where it is, maybe the creator uses it after selling it, maybe the owner doesnt like that, maybe the owner uses lava and kills the creator and maybe both get banned.
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  5. ok i wont sell. but i still want money :( and copher i would enter your contest but all of our house's arent 10x10
  6. That's not the most important :p you can always modify them, you got 1 month, that's plenty of time :)
    Also, the colony itself wins 40K! 20k to the leader and 5k to each member! (considering there are 4 members)
  7. Click my signature for info on SETTING up a spawner (found by you) though. :)
  8. i dont have 10k to get it set up sorry :(