[Buying] XP Bottles, Nether Brick, Iron, Diamonds, Gold, Coal, Sand, Logs, Brick Blocks, Obsidian...

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  1. Current Pricing:
    Exp Bottles - 15r each
    Nether Bricks - 150r/stack
    Iron Ingots - 10r each
    Diamonds - 48r each
    Gold Ingots - 15r each
    Coal - 1.5r each
    Sand - 40r/stack
    Pine Log - 110r/stack
    (All type of logs bought.)
    Brick Blocks - 5r each
    Obsidian - 5r each
    Redstone - 60r/stack
    Leather - 10r each

    Please help stock my shop at /v 405.

    Prices are current right now and subject to change based on supply/demand.
  2. Diamonds could be a bit lower.
  3. A double chest if iron at 17160 is only 20700. 6r per ingot :)
  4. I am too lazy to sell to a chest, if this is what you want. But I am willing to sell you as much iron as you want for 10r a ingot
  5. Your margin is way over the top - seldom less than 100% and almost 600% for some items.
    I wonder how you can expect someone to sell you an item for 5r where you're selling it for 29r?
  6. The margin is not that high for any of the items mentioned above.

    Some items have higher margins. This can be due to a number of factors, or a combination of factors:
    • Low demand for the item. It only makes sense to stock it at that price. Something like iron will turn over quickly, whereas something like grass blocks or mycel or beds would take weeks or months regardless of price, and it just doesn't make sense to set up a shop that earns 3 rupees a month. If the market is highly saturated with the item, it makes sense to buy it at the lowest price possible. Paying more will simply result in the chest being full, and someone who could produce the item for less is out of luck.
    • Highly variable pricing. A recent example is leather, or slime balls. Leather became in sudden high demand with the release of item frames, slime balls are in sudden high supply since slimes spawn in swamps. With slimes I actually made a mistake and had a margin of only 50%, which is likely to result in a loss of 11,520r now that market prices have dropped. Meanwhile, people were happily paying 30r apiece for leather, and I was sold out since I'd priced them too cheap. An exchange solved the problem with leather, allowing cheaper prices when there is high supply, without being sold out.
    • Item is basically worthless. Like dirt has a 800% markup technically, but this means on average you pay 0.015625r/dirt block more than I bought them for, so it really only makes it worthwhile to buy/sell dirt in the first place.
    Ultimately, items are being moved to exchanges at a gradual rate, which ultimately helps reduce both problems. However, keep in mind that the time I spend setting up exchanges means less new shops, and less time spent stocking high demand items. It also slows down the shopping experience since exchanges take longer to buy from.

    Basically, yes I earn a high markup on a few items, but it often takes weeks or months to do it. All this said, what specific item were you planning to stock? We might be able to work out a deal if the buying price is too low.
  7. I can supply you with 5 stacks of nether brick and 2 stacks of Diamonds. 6k for the diamonds and 600 for the nether brick
  8. Sure. I see you've sold the diamonds already, but not nether brick. The nether brick is next to the glowstone.
  9. Bought some nether brick, nice shop!