Buying Wool

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  1. Hey everyone!!! I currently need this much wool:

    17 stacks - red wool
    2 stacks - silver wool
    24 stacks - grey wool
    9 stacks - black wool
    10 stacks - purple wool
    10 stacks - magenta wool
    14 stacks - cyan wool
    19 stacks - lime wool

    If anybody has all this ill pay them 5250r for the lot, or 50r per any coloured stack, so please comment if you want to sell!
  2. Do we have any sellers???
  3. it might be better off to ask somebody if you can use their wool farm, maybe if you pay them. thats a kinda low price per stack, unless im wrong, which i might be.l im probably thinking of the 1.8 days when sheep couldnt be regrown or breed.
  4. You can use 911, They always have the sheep farm open.
  5. for a second i thought you where trolling lol but i was wrong :p
  6. so sorry if im intruding but whatcha makin?
  7. well, i have a sheep farm, but cant be bothered sheering em :p i aint making anything, just a huge restock b4 i re-open ma store, i only have 20k left from 100k -_-
  8. I'll get you red, black and lime if that's ok?
  9. sure, all the stacks i require for each colour?
  10. Yes. Oh and also purple..
  11. so that comes to 2750r, pick up?
  12. Give me an hour to shear them? :p
  13. i picked it all up, and paid you, thx :)