[Buying] Wool - any/all colours, 64r/stack

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  1. Buying stacks of any colour wool.

    Paying 50r EDIT: now 64 per stack.

    I'd like 1 large chest-full (54 stacks) of each colour, so please fill 'em up;

    SMP9 19305

  2. Have you tried gimomiko, herb?
  3. I can give ya some... :)

    Edit; Gob will sell ya some, im in the wild. :p
  4. I'm hoping that, instead of shopping around, people will just sell stuff there, instead of me hunting around for 2 bits of magenta for 1r, and suchlike.

    Then I can install the "laser cannons" and take over the universe. Bwahaha, etc.

    BTW, anyone selling a white cat?
  5. You can sheer the sheep for free at 911 on SMP1. Try that.
  6. No u
  7. laser cannons?
  8. :) Just kidding.

    Mostly, I like to use wool as a "marker" when building things. That's why I'd like my own collection of all colours, and I'm quite happy to pay people for the wool - if people can buy wool cheaper and sell it me there, making money, that's fine by me!
  9. What post? I don't see a post there? :p
  10. Bumping.

    Some have sold me a few - thanks very much.

    I still need lots more to fill 'em, so please keep selling if possible!

    SMP9 19305

    Thanks everyone.
  11. I could tell u a nice sheep farm, its at SMP1 911 :)
  12. I've had a few stacks, but I need more.

    Please sell stacks of wool, of all colours, to me for 50r per stack, at SMP9 19305

  13. This is still ongoing; I need lots more.

    Do I need to increase the price?
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  14. I sell wool on SMP9, but I think I need to mark down the prices a bit more. They are currently 2r per one block of wool at my shop.

    I looked around your shop for somewhere I can sell wool to. I didn't see anywhere. Do you have a place in your shop where I can sell directly to you?
  15. Yes, 19305. It's dedicated just to buying wool.

  16. Oh duh! Sorry, I'm half blonde. lol Alright I'll sell what I've got to you. ;)
  17. This is still ongoing.

    Cash for wool.

    SMP9 19305
  18. I hope it stays ongoing for a long time. It's my way of making good money. I actually have the residence memorized so I can easily get there to sell. xD

    And it's not all about me making money. I'm hoping that, by selling all of what I got at the time to you, that it's helping you a bit.
  19. Yup