buying wool and glowstones

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  1. so im making a large mall on smp2 lot 4221
    i need 3k white wool and 2 stacks glowstone
    please leave message here or pm me ingame
  2. how much will you pay for the 2 stacks of glowstone?
  3. nurglesrott sell me for 950 per stack, idk with you
  4. Well crap your too late, we put em up for sale in my res, bit we will be auctioning a large chest full of all whit wool stacks pretty soon.
  5. Ive seen alot of residences on smp5 that sell wool ;]
  6. Better not be the same as our mall :p
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  7. i need more wool pls
  8. Nah Aldrin use my sheep farm just bring your shears :)
  9. i need more wool pls tell me your shop number if you have some