[Buying] Wood, Redstone, Diamonds, Raw materials [Closed]

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  1. Scruffy's Emporium -- 10034

    The 2nd level of the Emporium is being set up to buy and sell raw materials in bulk. You can buy/sell by the SC (1728 blocks). Or contact NZScruffy to sell bulk items.

    I need large amounts of these items!

    PRICE ----- ITEM
    2250r/SC -- All wood types
    810r/SC ---- Stone (I don't need it, but might as well stock it)
    3456r/SC -- Redstone dust

    Need a job? Need rupees? Start supplying me!

    Are you a supplier? Want a contract to supply me in bulk? PM me.
    Have your own shop already, but want to branch out to a growing SMP5 mega mall? PM me

    Thanks :)
  2. I can get to work on getting you a DC of every tulip color, what are you looking to pay? :)
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  3. Not 100% sure. What's your best offer? (Will do some research in the next 24hrs to find a good price)
  4. I have people buy the flowers for 3r each from me all the time, but since it is a bulk offer Ill do 5k per DC. (little over 2r per)
  5. DC = 3456 | 2r per = 6912r/DC

    That sounds high to me. But I'll do some research, and if I can't get a better price, that's a deal.
    And if that IS the going price, definitely worth getting into the flower business. :p
  6. Bump

    Still looking for offers on everything. I'll start traveling around the shops too :)
  7. I have a DC of Spruce Leaves. How do you want me to deliver them.
  8. great. what is the price?
  9. I Can do a DC of Spruce wood.
  10. I don't know, what is the going rate for leaves. Make an offer.
  11. I can get you the wood, or at least some of it.
  12. Bump

    As soon as I get on tonight, i'll figure out a price for some of the other stuff.

    Am still looking for a better price on some items. Please PM me your offer. thanks
  13. I can get you an SC of logs. (random types) for 5183r (cheaper than 1r per plank if they even were planks)
  14. I'm paying at most 1.2r per log (wood = log)
  15. Yes, done, deal. tell me when i should come pickup,. thanks
  16. Ill get working on it. expect a wait time of up to 2-3 hours depending on if I take a break or not :p
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  17. I will offer the SC for 2073r that is .6r cheaper than 1.2 r per log
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