Buying wood, 85r each stack

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  1. I need tons of wood(logs).

    Mostly oak atm, but anything will do.

    I need aprox. 4 dbl. Chests of each.

    Paying 85r each stack on smp1 at 1783
  2. Omg I need this too D: :p
  3. OMG OMG OMG!!!


    I KEEL YOU! :mad:

  4. lol Not if i kill u first !!
  5. >.< no more killing for logs, I deliver a double chest of logs when I get home
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  6. Can someone love you more then i do at the moment? I think not!
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  7. creeper_in_a_top_hat_by_aznhalfie-d38lv1g.png

    Haha jk, about to head to your shop