[Buying] Wolf spawn eggs

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  1. Can anyone sell me a stack of wolf spawn eggs for 2240r? That's 35 each.

    Several stacks if possible; up to 20 stacks.

  2. Good price. They breed with wheat right?
  3. -facepalm-
  4. I'm sorry I don't know? Lol.
  5. They breed with raw meat, pork, beef.
  6. Thanks :)
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  7. what u want so many dog eggs?
  8. Much better - use zombie flesh. They like it, and it doesn't poison them. And it's much cheaper.
  9. What do u need 20 stks of wolves for?
  10. I sell them in my shop. I'm running low on stock. Usually I breed them myself, but I wondered if someone else had lots that they wanted to sell.
  11. Anyone?

    How about 40r each?