[Buying] Wither skulls

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  1. I need 3 wither skulls for making wither. The price I want is 3k each skull.
    Pm me with your offers
  2. Good luck on getting the skulls for 3k each.
    That's a 9k beacon.

    You'll prolly get them at 5k at the lowest.
  3. i have some in my store . 5.5 each...lemme know.
  4. 3.5k is the most I am paying
  5. fine by me. goodluck with that :)
  6. dude i bought mine for 5k and that was with hard bargining...
  7. I said it 3.5k is the most
  8. no one will sell you wither skulls for sucha low price
  9. Dude nobody will give that price maybe 4.5k to 5k is a more accurate price.
  10. I will wait
  11. he doesnt get it lol...itll be like watching paint dry lol
  12. If you guys don't think he'll get it then great. There's no point in posting about his prices if he's staying within that range. Commenting after someone states their firm price is just spam because it's no longer a relative post. If you disagree with the prices, then do so silently and move on. People can sell to him if they want.
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