[Buying] Wither ripper!

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  1. Hey guys! I am in need of a wither ripper. I need someone to find the position and build the farm. I would like to discuss efficiency and such so Pm me if you think you can do this! we will discuss payment in the Pm but it will be somewhere in 100-200K
  2. Buy wither ripper u mean wither boss farm or wither skeleton farm
  3. Wither skeleton farm
  4. I will do it, but under some conditions:
    1. 200k if you supply materials, 250k if I supply materials
    2. I will not slab. At all.
    3. It will be this farm. (Please note that the spawn rates seen in the video are with a 100% slabbed/removed area.)
    4. It cannot be on smp1 or smp8.
  5. What is the rate of wither heads per hour?
    Also. 250k seems steep. But if the rate is good I will do that.
    Can I surround the area in lava?
    Also. You must find the place to build it and make a rail there.
  6. Are there different ways instead of slabbing?
  7. I think slabbing is preferred because a lot of lava blocks will cause a lot of lag in that chunk wont they? Unless its built over a lava lake then no slabbing is required
  8. You could remove every spawnable block within 148 blocks...
  9. I thought it was only 64*64 because of EMCs spawn radius?
  10. Like I did, well 160x160 roughly