[BUYING] White Wool - Free Farm! 99 white sheep

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Would you ever use this farm? Leave comments below for why or why not.

Yes 7 vote(s) 53.8%
Maybe, if there were changes 4 vote(s) 30.8%
No way! 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. ChumMiner's SMP8 white wool farm. Free to use. You don't even need to bring shears. They can be purchased for 10r at any of the 4 corners. The sell shops in the center can earn you some quick rupees if you need the money! 64 white wool get's you 20 rupees.

    With 99 sheep you can pretty much shear wool without ever stopping. I may eventually add a beacon to speed things up on the farm. Come by and get your white wool, or sell me what you have to make some quick money (rupees). Have fun and enjoy the farm!

    type /v +ww
    on smp8

    2015-04-17_13.47.18.png 2015-04-17_13.54.09.png
  2. I would like to use it, because I love wool :p
  3. Cool, but i'd say more sheep or more colours :D
  4. Because you asked, I would not use this. I have a wild base on 8. :)

    It looks very cool though.One thing I would suggest is make the pen as small as possible.
  5. I would love to add more sheep, but there is a mob limit on residences for 100 only. I have 99 sheep because I need 1 slot open for something else.

    As far as more colors, there is an awesome farm on smp5 called WoolMart. All colors! Great for free shearing if you need colors. /v +woolmart on smp5 to check it out. My farm is for white only and is for another purpose. But you can make rupees by selling to me right on the farm!

    Thanks, PenguinDJ! I think you are right that it could be a little smaller to shear a little faster. I might work it in a little soon. But this will take work to make the walls move in a bit.
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  6. So... can I use your farm?
  7. I'm totally using this so I can sell it to +fs.
  8. I'll definitey use this farm for my mall and to get rupees from it! Thanks so much!
  9. You can thank chickeneer for the mob limit >_>.
  10. Sorry, I thought it was clear. Yes!!!! Please use the farm. It is already up and ready for public use!
  11. OK, I recognized that the market for wool is at much higher prices in some places, so I raised my buying price. You can now shear the wool for free and sell it to me right on the farm for 40r per stack. If this price is still too low, I will raise it again to get more sellers coming, but if the price goes too high, then I will need to raise some prices for other things in my shop next door. Feel free to add input.
  12. 1 slot for the dragon your raising under the res right?
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  13. Ummm....yeah. Why do you think I have all of those sheep? Gotta keep the dragon happy! Or she'll eat me!
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  14. Hey, just wanted to remind people about this option. Still there and in good shape. Come get your wool or sell it back to me!