[Buying] Wheat

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  1. I'm looking to buy as much wheat as I can. There is a definitive shortage of leather on smp1, and since I don't know anyone willing to step up and fill in that void, I'm going to try. This wheat is not for resale, or for emeralds. I'd like to stick close to 32r a stack, but I am willing to negotiate closer to what the server average is. So message me here or in-game, post on this thread or just come by 827 if you are selling. Please leave the cows alone though. Thanks!
  2. I can sell you some stack of bones.

    Make a 1x60 line of wheat and leave the bonemeal pressed as you walk towards the end of the live, then the returning trip leave the left click pressed :p
  3. You should mesg shavingfoam, he has DC upon DC of wheat...
  4. Try 18885 on smp9 for wheat! Entire single chest full.