[BUYING] We're back - light grey wool required

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  1. Bigger and better. Once again, AC Inc. is back and ready to dominate over the Empire's economical and business sector.

    Let me buy your light grey wool, at a premium price - let me know via PM if you have any (stacks only please) that I can buy.

    Thank you :)
  2. I might have some lying around...
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  3. I dont know what your talking about! :rolleyes:
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  4. I can dye some sheep and start shearing, is there a specific amount you'll need by a certain time?
  5. Not really, but I would like to have at least 10 stacks by Wednesday :) As much as possible though please
  6. Also, this store will benifit everyone (once again) so it's in your best interests to try and help supply the wool! I probably need about 108 (2 dchests) full to begin with, as I have the old 4005 wool still. :)
  7. I'll get a you a few stacks soon.
  8. I can have a dc of light grey wool done for you in 2 hours, if the price is right :)
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  9. One double chest of light grey wool, filled and waiting for further instruction. :)
  10. Thanks :) Please PM me with a price/stack that you think is fair and I'll pay and collect from your res if that's okay :)
  11. Bump - more needed, who has it? :D
  12. I might have some lying around gathering dust
  13. Please let me know in a PM if you find it! :D