[Buying] Wait Disc

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  1. I'm too lazy to try and farm this off of creepers. ... Any chance someone is selling the disc? I will pay a maximum of 1k for the disc.
  2. I have one, you can meet me on Smp7 in about 30 minutes to get it for 1k.
  3. Would love to meet you on smp7, but on that server, I am forever lost in the Nether. :S
  4. Oh okay, I'll just vault it and take it to you then. Which server works best for you?
  5. 9, 18181

    I'll set up a limited shop chest.

    *By limited, there's only 2 open slots in the chest.
  6. I have a lot of that discs
  7. I managed to get one @ 300r from someone on my smp server. thanks though.
  8. ah because i could have sold it for less than 1oor