[Buying] Wait Disc

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  1. I have a collection of all the discs, except for one; Wait.
    I haven't yet got this disc, and if you have one wich you're willing to sell, make an offer here!
  2. I think there is like a 13% chance that you will get it from a skele killing a creeper. Antvenom got it randomly by killing a creeper with a skeleton.
  3. Soooo easy...
  4. i have the wait disc i will sell it to u for 2k if your up for paying that if not post your offer
  5. I'll buy it for 2k Nick, But I won't get home till 7:30 Pacific Time. (California). So if your willing to save it for me, that be great.
  6. south im going to see what alex says then if he doesnt want it for 2k then you can have it he made the post thats why im letting him decide
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  7. Southpark can have than one. ;)
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  8. Alrighty then, what time will you be on nick? (Include time zone too so I can see what time that is for me)
  9. I will be on around 10 est
  10. Alex, go to SMP8 Res: 16611 and jump down it is a chest shop called Record 12
  11. Thanks, bougth it. :D