[BUYING] Voter's Items!

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  1. Updated buy-list!:

    1. One Voter's chestplate
    2. One Iron Voter's Sword
    3. Two Diamond Voter's Swords
    4. Two Voter's Bows
    5. one of any non-mentioned voter's items.(Excluding: )
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  2. Bring up My post Plox?

    no one wants to sell me stuffs? =P
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  3. Still need more stuff, doesn't have to be a full set of armor at a time. =D
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  4. come on, I know some of you must have voter's gear ya wanna sell o.0
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  5. I can't see many people selling these cheap. Why not vote?
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  6. Never asked for cheap, but mostly 'cause I've got a poor memory and never remember to vote two days in a row =P
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  7. Are you paying 7 digit numbers? I will consider selling, but my prices would be steep.
  8. I am willing to sell mine, for prices close to that
  9. I guess I would sell my one set of voter's armor for... hmm... 10 million? :S
    (8 digit number... muahahahaha!)
  10. if you just vote two times a day you will have your own gear in no time
    you aren't going to have enough rupees to buy anyone's voters gear lol
  11. Yep, I figured that out, by my post and other posts. MUAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!
  12. there is a difference in "not cheap" and Overly expensive ridiculous prices I've seen Iron voter's gear go as low as 30k.
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  13. Wait, there is a set of IRON VOTER'S GEAR?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!!?!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!?!!??!!?!??!!??!!?
  14. First off... We were joking.
    Second, Voters armour is leather...
  15. I could see someone selling the iron voters tools because you eventually get diamonds tools, but you're asking someone to sell their one-of-a-kind voters armor and diamond tools. They are just way too useful to sell unless it's a massive amount of rupees.

    Good luck finding someone who doesn't mind parting with theirs though. :)
  16. totally what i meant - slightly tired o.o

    thanks for the good luck wishes =)
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  17. Ok. G'luck then.
  18. I wasn't joking.
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