[BUYING] Voters Diamond or Iron Pickaxe!

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  1. Hello EMC!
    I'm currently looking to buy an Voters Diamond Pickaxe or an Voters Iron Pickaxe.
    I don't want to break my tools anymore while just building on my res, and i really don't care how fast they are.
    Since i don't know the current going rates of these tools, i will totally trust you to make me a fair offer.
    Diamond Pickaxe would be preferred!
  2. 1 mill for my alt iron lol
  3. I don't have either of these, but I'm curious of what the range that you are buying is?
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  4. Like I said, I don't actually know what the prices for such a tool are, but I have a few credits in my wallet, and if an offer seems promising, I'm gonna buy it.
    But 1 million is way to much, tbh :)
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  5. While it might not be a million, it would certainly still be pretty high. People have to actually put in effort to get these items, and with each person only getting one per account, it's even less likely that someone will sell them for cheap.

    For an example, the iron pickaxe is 175 days of consecutive voting. The diamond pick would be 255. That's voting everyday for over 2/3s a year. I would suspect somewhere around the 200-500k area, simply because it takes so much time to get, plus the person would be selling their only one.
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  6. I never asked for a cheap one, just for a fair price. Not only fair for me, but for both sides. And like I said in a different post, I have money, just want some offers and if one catches my eye I'm going to buy it :)
    Thanks for the helping though :)
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  7. I "only" have the iron pickaxe so far. I could not put a price on it because once I have sold it I will never get it back. I think these voting gifts are the coolest thing EMC offers. Yes there are many other cool items but in my opinion the soul bound tools are the coolest. Good Luck in your search.
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  8. Thanks!
    That is the reason I'm looking for the items. I lack the endurance and discipline to vote every day to be honest with you. And I think for building stuff this pickaxe is a really good tool, since I do not have to repair other tools so often anymore.
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  9. Okay guys, I already got what I was looking for! Thanks for all the help, I'll be requesting a close here!
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