[ BUYING ] Villager Egg and Cocoa Beans.

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  1. 1.3 is coming so I need to buy a few ( 3-200 ) villager eggs and some cocoa beans.

    Anyone throw in some cheap prices? :p
  2. alexchance at 4005 sells them cheaply
  3. Good luck getting villager eggs mate.
  4. check bailib's res on smp4 she has like 700 villager eggs.
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  5. Okay. Thanks. Herb here on SMP9 is selling them but I want to see if someone else sells them for under 200.
  6. I checked bailibs shop and There aren't any villager eggs.
  7. /shop is plenty cheap for cocoa beans; they're 4r each.
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  8. Still want villager eggs?
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