[Buying] Various wood planks, glass, wooden items, and more!

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  1. Hi all

    How are you guys doing? Yesterday I successfully finished the basement and first floor of my house. It's been a long process but a lot of work has been done. I have dug out 10 DC of dirt completely by myself, used 5+ DC of wood, glass, and stone. I have paid tens of thousands of rupees to fellow EMC players as well. I've managed to buy items low, and sell them back for a profit. I've done work for other players. I've sold goods, voted every day, and stayed dedicated throughout the process.

    Ok, enough enough enough. We want rupees!

    So the point is, to continue, I'm going to need a LOT of supplies. I plan on 3 more floors, an underground mall, auto farms, and animal farms. Due to various circumstances I will not be on EMC for the next 48 hours and I'm looking for your help. Directly in front of you at spawn (Oh, btw my res is /v 18467 on SMP9) there is a row of chests. All the chests are set up to buy various items, at good prices! I have priced out all the quantities and I feel I'm paying very well. The chests are all completely empty and my account is loaded with 20,000 rupees which should be plenty to fill every chest.

    There are 2 options, sell or donate. Each chest has 2 signs, one to sell for a profit, or 1 to sell for free essentially donating the items.

    Ok, you have 20K yet your too lazy to go and buy all the items in shops?
    No. Not at all. I'm trying to benefit the general population on EMC. Big shops make thousands of rupees every day and make hundreds of transactions. By setting up a temporary sell shop I benefit players who may not have a shop and need rupees, and also players looking to donate. If I really wanted to I'd have several DC of items on my res directly from the biggest suppliers on smp9.

    Ok I don't feel like reading what's going on?
    Sell shop at my res /v 18467 on smp9 buying various items at average prices to help continue my project. Don't forget there's a DC with hoppers connected for random donations.

    Thanks all, have a nice day!
  2. You might find my website useful, either to find places to buy stuff people don't sell or to list your chests and get more buyers. It's in the signature.