[Buying] Various Promos

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  1. As stated in title I am buying promos. Here are the ones I need.

    1 Unused Momentus Toothpick
    1 Unused Marlix Armour
    1 Unused Marlix Leggings
    1 Unused Bullet Proof Vest
    1 Unused Cactus Pants
    1 Dragon Poop
    1 ICC V-Day Head
    1 Unused Turfinator
    1 ICC's Special Eggnog
    1 T Virus Vaccine

    PM me or post below with offers on those items :)
  2. I can sell you both of these items :)
  3. I can sell you the flaming mob launcher, ICC bday voucher, and promo instructions if that is what you meant
  4. How much for the Marlix Bow?
  5. No I need instructions there different from promo instructions
  6. I have an iCC V-day head, Shoot me an offer :)
  7. Ok, still want the other stuff though?
  8. How much for the b-day voucher?
  9. 5k?
  10. Ok, Ill pay right now just mail it to me
  11. I'll do that as soon as I get on.
  12. Paid
  13. I got a used Valens I could sell to you
  14. Updated List =)
  15. T-virus' can be bought on aikar's 1st res for 100k