[Buying] Various Promo items

Discussion in 'Buying' started by jewel_king, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Hey, As i work on my project to obtain every Special Event item im going to Be posting the items im currently buying here

    Pm me with prices, If i dont have the amount you want and its a reasonable
    number i will do my best to get it

    Current Focus:

    Valentines Gift (Less Lore)

    Other Items:

    Sarah Janes Warpstar
    White Point star
    EMCCon ICC head
    ICC Suit
    Arena Blade
    Arena Longbow
    Sword of Udder justice
    Empire Armor
    Horse ManEwwEr
    2014 Purple Krysyyjane head
    Purple People Party Paper
    Aikar PvP Head
    Super Aikar PvP Head
    Krysyyjane9191 PvP Head
    Yellow Krysyyjane Head

    edit: removed item
  2. What are you willing to pay for:

    Valentines Signature
    2014 Purple aikar head
  3. 1 million for the signature
    for the head im not 100% sure
  4. How much are you offering to get the
    Orange Krysyyjane Head?
  5. Im not sure but if theres a price you want let me know
  6. Orange krysyyjane head aquired :)