{BUYING} valubles.

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  1. Hello this is CreeperSlayer and I'm looking to buy a certain amount of VALUABLE BLOCKS.
    what I need:

    45 emerald blocks will give 180r - 200r per block
    42 gold blocks will give 63r - 75r per block

    If You can supply some blocks please set up a store and post res number and server.
    Thanks :)

    P.S i will choose the best offer and once I receive some blocks I'll lower the amount I need on this thread.
  2. Its been 6 minutes-_- This is one of the quietest times of the day-_-
  3. The current market will not support prices as low as these for Gold and Emerald.
  4. no I'm looking to buy it off players not the shop *facepalm*
  5. I know, I was just saying that these prices are not popular for any players. Not just shops....

    Oh yeah, *facepalm*