Buying valuables to make you rich!

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  1. Hey y'all,

    I'm looking for a few... Well a lot of items... so I was hoping someone could help me out. I need all these (or most of them) with the approx. quantities:
    • Stacks of diamonds, up to 9
    • Diamond blocks - 1-4 stacks
    • Glowstone - 3 stacks
    • Stacks of gold, up to 9
    • Gold blocks - 1-6 stacks
    • 3-8 stacks of EXP Bottles
    That's all for now, thanks. :)

    [EDIT] Please PM so I can buy too, thanks :)
  2. Got the EXP Bottles, anyone else able to sell some of this? :)
  3. i do believe i have 3 stacks of glowstone i can part with, are you still in need of them?
  4. I have 3 stacks of glowstone. How much will u pay for each stack ?
  5. .... really? did you not read what i wrote?
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  6. Emeralds isn't on there thanks to me. :p
  7. Of what r u talking about? Do I have to pm You? It is that?
  8. I think she means because she offered before you, which is considered a tad rude but no need to worry, I'll take both 3 stacks, just PM me please with your prices :) battmeghs
  9. I have a stack of diamonds i can sell : )
  10. I will buy out all your dirt to make YOU rich.
  11. Yes please, just PM me with price and res :)