[BUYING] Valentines Day Roses!

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  1. I'm looking to buy a Valentines Day rose, if you have one please PM me a price :)
  2. Lala bump
  3. whatcha looking to pay i may know some people and pass the word along
  4. I'm in the price range of 6-7k but I can negotiate :)
  5. Bump still buying and I can negotiate ^_^
  6. Faith sells for 200000 :D
  7. Uh yeah I managed him to talk him down to 150k lol. Anyway deathconn said 30k for one of his but I'm mainly looking for 6-7k or around there. But I'm reasonable, I can negotiate a little.
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  8. I think that they are pretty rare... so... I'll tell you what. Max dropped a second kind of rose at the party that was only named Valentine Rose, with no lore or color. I have two of these, and they are from the original event. I could give you one for free, until you find one of the Valentine "Gifts" :p
  9. Haha thanks ^_^
  10. I thought it was marg? :confused:
    She went around people#s residences giving them to people, I've got one myself.
  11. Nope, pretty sure it was Max. I think they were dropped from invisible people flying in the sky... :p
  12. Max gave marg some after the event to give out.