[ Buying ] Valentines Day Rose

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  1. Paying 7k ( 2k more than Alex ) for it, Will bargain. Pm me please

    This is the last item I need to have all the EMC exclusive items

  2. Sorry dude, maybe you could bribe aikar with code to get one of his 3 stacks ;3 :p
  3. People be sellin them to Alex for 5k, I'm paying 7k...

    Whyyyy :p
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  4. Bump!! Now paying A stable voucher and 5k!!
  5. Well people don't really sell any to him, and he offers 6.5k. I asked him a few days back and he said that he has none. I thought they were way more common, but I guess most of them were sold to /shop.
  6. Yeah i guess its not really an emc rate item since you could sell it to them
  7. Well it's a very rare item, since there's only a few left. I got one a few days ago and it wasn't very cheap ^_^
  8. Would you mind saying who?
  9. Runningrhino
  10. That was classified info. Just kidding haha
  11. 50k for one
  12. Ahahahaha lol nope
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  13. Ahhahaha I couldn't care less, im one with several of them
  14. I has one doe :D
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  15. Are we talking about the one with red writing? I has 3 o dem ones ~FDNY21
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  16. Yay for us :D Lets ruin the economy in 10 years with them :p
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