[BUYING] Valentine's Day Promos

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  1. I'm currently buying Valentine's Day promos on smp9 at /v 18931 or /v +Valentines. Here are the prices I am buying at.

    Cupid's Bundle- 30k each.

    Cupid's Arrows- 2k per 64 (stack).

    Cupid's Egg- 15k each.

    Cupid's Bow- 9.5 each.

    EDIT. I'm now selling 60,000 member boots (Feather Fallllllling Boots) for 140,000r at /v 18931 also!
  2. Current Prices as of 5:21 PM:

    Cupid's Bundle- 45k

    Cupid's Arrows- 2k a stack.

    Cupid's Pig Egg- 30k

    Cupid's Bow- 9.5k
  3. I'm raising Cupid Egg Prices to 32,000r! You can make 32,000r by just selling the egg! I'm also now buying used Cupid Eggs for 5,000r.
  4. Are used any different than unsused?
  5. I believe the used ones do not have the shiny egg, they just have a normal egg but still renamed. I'm not sure about renaming in lore though. Someone correct me if I am wrong :p
  6. Used Eggs no longer have a lore and also no longer have soulbound attribute.
  7. Do they still retain shininess?
  8. nope
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  9. Thanks guys