[Buying] Valens the health one

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  1. I would like valens the health horse but don't have money, but I can

    Give you a stable voucher and/or diamond horse armor and/or beacon and/or 2 stacks of iron blocks and/or hardened clay

    Name anything you need and I prob can do it

    Want a piece of god equip, I got you covered

    Just name something you want or trade for

    -no momentous or marlix stuff or other special emc items as I can't obtain these
  2. the valens is worth about 35k easy
    stable voucher is worth 10k (i think) diamond horse armor worth 8k beacon 10k 2 stacks iron 3k
    edit: i was wrong voucher is worth 50k
  3. Want to trade
  4. I've also go Lots of quartz
  5. so like a valens for all that?
    except for voucher
  6. Ill give you a beacon a stable voucher, 2 stacks of iron blocks

    And 4 stacks of quartz blocks?
  7. take out the voucher and quartz and add back in the diamond armor and you have a deal
  8. Yes I can be on now, smp4 9160
  9. Would you be interested in selling the voucher alone? PM me