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  1. Hello everyone,
    I stopped playing EMC right around the release of 1.5 or with the release of redstone blocks and all that other stuff. Now that I am back I am incredibly surprised with the HUMONGOUS volume of unobtainable items in the game and a little disappointed. But personal opinions aside, and the fact that my previous massive rupee stash of ~500,000ish is now virtually worthless due to the influx of rupees (I now realize this a personal opinion), I'd like to get my hands on some of these expensive promo items. But the thing is, I am planning on using them and degrading them. So rather than ruin a perfectly good item, I thought I might see if anyone with a damaged (but not too damaged) promo item is interested in selling.

    The items I'm looking for are:
    Lucky Bow
    Freedom Blade BOUGHT!
    Ore Buster
    Holiday Pick

    Any item with over 20% of it's uses left I will consider. Of course, I will not pay full price for your items but I will try my best to make it fair.

    Post your items so I can offer here or send me a private message.
  2. I've got a completely unused Freedom Blade
  3. I have an ever so slightly used freedom blade and lucky bow, like just enough to damage it.
  4. pms sent to you both
  5. I have a half used everlasting axestopper and a holiday pick with 1/8 left
  6. bump! Still looking
  7. I got a slightly used ham hacker with around 1350 / 1652 left (out of my head, cant check right now) but the OP doesnt say you need a Ham Hacker.
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  8. That's correct, I already have a used Ham Hacker. Thanks though!