[Buying] Used Promos/God Tools/Armour

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  1. Hey Emcians
    Currently Not buying tools I will start soon
    I am wanting to buy Used Promo Tools and God Armour/Tools

    • 60k Items
    • Starter Armour and tools
    • Ham hacker
    • ESCD
    • Marlix armour and Bow
    • Cupid Bow
    • Momentus Toothpick
    • Turkey Slicer (Both 2013/14)
    • Iday Armour Tools
    • Holiday Pick
    God Armour/Tools

    I would Like any God Armour and tools.

    Please Sell Used Items only!

    Please PM me if your want to sell an USED item also please show screenshot or if you have an preview chest that will also be ok :)

    I will start my own promo trading soon but not now ;)
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  2. i will sell you a cupids bow for 30k
  3. I will all God items at 9111 on smp4 within a day or so.

    Edit: just have to add signs.
  4. Okay :)
  5. Signs added!
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  6. I have a set if starter armour. Let me know how much you're offering for it :)
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