[BUYING] Use of an Apocryphan Wood Farm [50k Voucher Pay]

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  1. I am in desperate need of an Apocryphan-built wood farm. You know what I am talking about if you have one. It can do all wood types. I am willing to trade a voucher to my supply company worth 50k for the forever use of this farm. I will also use my own bonemeal. Comment or pm me if you have more questions or have an offer.
  2. His farm can only do oak, birch, and pine. Not jungle. ;)
    Acacia wood is definitely going to need a special farm.
    And dark oak as well.
  3. No, his farm can also do acacia. Maybe not dark oak, but I mainly need it for acacia.
  4. Can I have a screenshot of one?
  5. I think I have what your looking for? Check out 9114 and go to Wood Generator, it can do Oak, Jungle, Acacia but not spruce, not sure why.
  6. Well seeing as I'm completely unable to play multiplayer minecraft atm, I might as well work on this offline. A tree farm that can do all types.
  7. I have one of his farms, it can do every type of wood except dark oak
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  8. go to res 8188 to see mine
  9. Im here to help! :D

    I have a farm that Apocryphan just built me a few months ago (2-4) and it does all tree types apart from dark oak. Please send me a pm for i may need to talk more on the rules etc and other things ;)
  10. now, you know I have asked you before and been denied :p
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  11. I will talk to you both.
  12. Made known to me by joshyrocks13, my current wood farm will work for acacia as well as jungle too. So now, I do not need access to an apocryphan wood farm. Thank you to those for your offers and Gadget_AD, i will be in contact in case my farm doesn't work out, or I still need your farm. Thanks!
  13. bump, i still need this. It will work better if I used a real apocryphan farm.
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