Buying Unused Incitatus/Saltar/Valens 250k Each

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  1. I am buying all of the 1.6 promo horses for 250k each unused. I might still be interested in used ones - message me anyway.

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  2. I'm not sure what's up with these horses but they just never come up for sale and when they do they are almost always used. I think everyone just has them in museums or are using them to breed or something.

    We all should've just bought a ton of them when they were first introduced.
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  3. Some people do have the unused ones in collections too *points to self* The main problem with the unused ones is that because they are rarer, the bigger collectors want them, so they've all been snapped up :)

    There are still some around, just takes a lot of hunting. Not sure how well this thread will work for trying to find some that are actually for sale but it's a step in the right direction - good luck Haro :p
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  4. I just sold an unused saltar for 225k and an ICC cake voucher. The voucher prices are hard to pinpoint because of rarity/owners unwilling to sell, but just letting you know of an idea/range. ThaKloned had his thread up for a really long time offering 300k for the egg.
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  5. Indeed :p Seemed like an eternity.
  6. Beat you to it :p. Dont have a heart attack.
  7. And incitatus donkey is different and far rarer than what you're asking for here :p. Just thought I'd help you out by making your thread active since no one is offering one of the other 3 promo's you're asking for.
  8. Great Prices *wishes he still had promo Horses* Also i know of a few people who love Hoarding the treasures =P
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