[BUYING] Underground Mob Farm

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  1. Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who can build me an efficient mob farm. I prefer it being canal style, but If I find a spawner, thats good too. If you have a layout of an underground mob farm I would want that too. I just need a mob farm so I can get some drops.
  2. I have a friend named Nickblockmaster who build "mob rooms" that are very effective and can spawn a lot of mobs at a time. I can talk to him if you want me too.
  3. Is it like automatic, it just a room with mobs.
  4. its a really dark room and it spawns mobs and the way he makes it is to where they spawn a lot and you get enraged mobs often and you can get in or snipe from above while they cant get at you.
  5. Wow nick does that? I gotta ask him to make me one...
  6. Thats if he wants to..... but i can somewhat make them because i helped him build one outside of spawn but im not as good as him.
  7. Can you make the mobs like go in a collection area?
  8. alexchance has a service.
  9. Right now he doesnt but i can guarantee he can find a way to make it like that.

    The thing with that is it will most likely cost more.
  10. I could make you one right now since Nick isnt on but I would need to know the dimensions and how much you would pay?
  11. Well it has to be a pad one, and i already found someone else I think.
  12. Would you like a slime farm? It is an efficient XP farm and you get loads of slime balls.
  13. Ok im going to talk to nick anyways and we are going to put up a thread about it if he wants to.
  14. Meh, I need drops more than xp
  15. Contact me?
  16. Thanks :)