[BUYING] Trying to buy 2 Beacons.

Discussion in 'Buying' started by bralukwie, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Title says it all. Not looking for barter anything. Just straight up Rupees for Beacons. Or a heads up to a shop that has beacons for sale (and can be located).

    If you want IM me an offer or add a post.

    Thanks again folks,
  2. Iv got 1 :)
    15k Good?
  3. Catch me in about 20 days. I've got about 32-ish withers I need to kill.
  4. I sell Wither Skulls to make Withers to get Nether Stars to craft Beacons... o.o

    Honestly, for the price I sell the skulls at, it'll be easier to buy the skulls from me and craft 2 Beacons than to buy 2 Beacons straight-up, since people tend to sell individual beacons for at least 10k a piece and I sell 3 Wither Skulls for less than 9.8k at a time (individually, I sell them for 3250r, which is less than most shops... if not all).

    Who knows? Maybe the extra Rupees saved up from buying 6 Wither Skulls instead of 2 Beacons can net you something else in the long run, like a God Sword or something, or even enchants to help you obtain one.

    But whatever you choose to do, I suppose. ;)
  5. Got what I was looking for, this thread can be closed.