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  1. So I'm just 1 vault page away from free vaulting forever, and as you can see, I can only get moar pages via voucher (unless you know, someone gifts me support for a month :3). So after a long time of just going around the servers asking if anyone had one, and being saddened by not finding anyone who has one, I decided to finally go and ask the forums! Prices below

    Staff Contact Voucher: These are the old kind, and are kinda a pain to redeem, so my buying price is lower 12k
    Insta Vault Voucher: These are new, and redeem like a stable voucher, no staff required, so no timezone issues with catching them on, buying for 14k
  2. I sell one of the types at /v 4005 on SMP2, on the grey floor. :)
  3. errm, It says that you are buying them, not selling them D: also, I'm not buying stable vouchers...
  4. Also, If you could get on now and fix that/show me where it is if I didnt look in the right place, that would be fantastic
  5. Sorry, got myself confused D:
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