[BUYING/TRADING] Holiday Pickaxe's

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  1. Happy holidays everyone!

    Improved trade-rating till the 2nd of January! ALL TRADES x1,5

    We wanted to offer you a fine selection of deals for your FREE holiday special:

    - 3 stacks 4.5 Stacks of Emeralds for your Holiday Pickaxe
    A very shiny green christmas this year with lots of Emeralds to cheer you up.
    If you want to trade it for armor, enchanted books or want to level up fast, this is your #1 xmas-deal!

    - 10 DC 15 DC of Sugar Cane for your Holiday Pickaxe
    Get in the right mood by surrounding yourself in the sweetness of mother nature.
    Or do you rather want to start a library of your own, to tell the stories of your beloved ones?

    - 4,000 rupees 6,000 rupees for your Holiday Pickaxe
    Want to raise funds for some projects of yours? We are happy to help!
    This good amount of rupees will get you started with anything and is definitely a good pick!

    Are you in the possesion of a Holiday Pickaxe but is your belonged trade not in the list?
    Feel free to send me a message about it and we'll see how we can help you out!

    I hope that everyone enjoys their holidays to the fullest,

    bloodra1n & pascal1881, owners of the 9000mall
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  2. I'll trade my pickaxe for 3 stacks of emeralds!
  3. I have set up an access chest at the 9000mall.
    Just walk through the entrance, you will find your Emeralds there.

    Happy holidays!
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  4. Thanks., does it matter if the pick is damaged slightly?
  5. I rather have an unused pickaxe to be honest. I can't sell slightly used pickaxes per shopsign if I wanted to do so.
    If you don't have an unused one, I'll be willing to make an exception just for you..
  6. Don't worry about it I got a unused one, once I get the promo from my alt account.
  7. BUMP for these amazing deals!
    (All holiday-trades will be completed within 24 hours of your post!)
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  8. Hmm... Hard to choose between the 4k rupees or 3 stacks of Emeralds...
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  9. Merry Christmas Bump!
  10. Improved trade-rating till the 2nd of January! ALL TRADES x1,5
  11. Many people already took their chance to trade their Holiday Pick,
    Be sure to trade yours before the trade closes!
    Only 3 days left!
  12. This is a horrible deal if you ask me
  13. I agree with Trent948, I don't know what price is exact but I would look for around 10-15k for my unused Holiday Pick!