[Buying/Trading] Holiday Pick

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  1. Obviously, my goal with this promo set is to achieve acquiring the Reindeer, which I currently have, and the Holiday Pick, which I am working for. I am creating a thread looking for any people who might be willing to sell it to me. I have a few guidelines for posting below that I want everyone to read so I don't have to say no every time someone talks about a trade that has already been proposed.


    • DO NOT propose a trade that involves the Reindeer, I am not looking to trade one for the other.
    • DO NOT propose a trade that involves the Turkey Slicer, unless you want it used.
    • I have many other promos that I am willing to trade that are probably at the same market value as the holiday pick is right now, such as Incitatus, etc...
    • I am willing to trade other MC rares + some of the lesser valued promos as well.
    • ALL PROPOSALS will include the benefit of 2k from me, so if you make an offer please note that I will pay 2k along with the item(s) you are looking for so that a trade for the pick can be made.
    • Please post your offer on this thread or a PM to me works too.
    Thanks for Reading and Happy Holidays! :)