[Buying/trading] Dragon Egg!

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  1. I've never really had the funds to buy a dragon egg so I'm willing to give someone 100k + the items listed below (I am up for negotiation)
    Items I am trading:
    1 IcecreamCow Eggnog
    1 Stable Voucher
    1 Vault Voucher
    3 Labor Day Benches
    2 Independence day fireworks
    1 4th of July empire firework
    1 Unspawned Valens
    1 Ore Buster (unused)
    1 Everlasting Axestopper
    2 Double chests of Zombie Viruses
    6 ICC Birthday Vouchers
    1 Unused Turkey Slicer
    100,000 rupees (as stated above)

    Again please negotiate if you don't find this to be worth a Dragon Egg (Please only do this if you have a dragon egg you are willing to sell)
  2. Exact time bump.
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  3. Nice..
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  4. Also are you buying the original?
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  5. I would never be able to afford that...
    I'm just buying one of the regular ones.
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  6. Upped the rupee amount to 100k!
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  7. If you posted this 2 days ago I could have got you mine. But I sold it lol
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  8. xharo_der is selling one
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  9. Alex is selling one for 250k I believe
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  10. Last time I checked it was 450k... But I'll go check again.
    EDIT: Nope it's 700k
  11. It was 350k yesterday, somebody bought it and so the price has doubled. :)
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  12. I'll do it for 340k cash?
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  13. I can't afford that... I only have 150k rupees. That's why I'm offering all the rare items.
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  14. You could sell the items then get enough money to buy from haro, everyone wins :3
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  15. I'll calculate the average prices and see if it's enough.
    EDIT: This actually is enough!
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  16. that was mine ._.
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  17. they are 450k from alex now :/
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  18. Ok, right now I am starting to sell the items to get the cash required. Can you please hold the egg for me while I get the money?
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  19. Let's make a deal? I'll give you enough time to sell whatever you had in the list, but don't sell the ore buster or the eggnog. Basically give me the money you get from selling and I'd like the eggnog itself as I am a collector of those, same goes for the buster :)

    I'm willing to hold it for you whilst you sell the other items :)
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  20. Sounds like a deal.
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